One Minute "About Us"

We were one of the best servers around 9 years ago, and after taking a long break, Master Shaiya has come back to keep you company for the time you want to enjoy your free time gaming. We bring you an Old-School .Ep 5.4, Level 70 Cap ,Instant Level. Server. events here and there while 99% of the items are dropped by the monsters in game.
Easy = level 1 and normal leveling ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Normal = level 15 ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Hard = Level 30 ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Ultimate = level 70 ( this comes with gear/weapon/capes and Accessory )

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Server Status

Maintenance 4th of March 2019

New Month New Change. Today we will have a big update so keep up. This game is not working as it should. we have 20 ppl on and we can not see half of them. or even any. Why we move stuff around. All dual normal Dual Lapis ( not acc ) will now drop […]

Maintenance 18th of February 2019:

Fortune Coin LV4 ( gives 4 million gold ). Added to KI mobs at 7% drop rate, This because the gear and weap was removed from there.. Because all Characters have the same kill now. We add another item to item mall. This is called Main Token. This Main Token you have to buy ( […]

Maintenance 11th of February 2019

New change because we have so low count of players.instant leveling. i seen that a few wanted to try the server but can’t get help past the 50+ mark because we don’t have the ppl to help. And a lot of you give out gear to try and help new players, why not let us […]

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