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We were one of the best servers around 9 years ago, and after taking a long break, Master Shaiya has come back to keep you company for the time you want to enjoy your free time gaming. We bring you an Old-School .Ep 5.4, Level 70 Cap ,Instant Level. Server. events here and there while 99% of the items are dropped by the monsters in game.
Easy = level 1 and normal leveling ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Normal = level 15 ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Hard = Level 30 ( need to buy level 1 weapon at NPC in starter towns )
Ultimate = level 70 ( this comes with gear/weapon/capes and Accessory )

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Server Status

Maintenance 28th of January 2019:

Now we add donations points for selling accessory level 69 and Capes. you get 50 donations points for selling 1 of them.. Only level 69.. GMRR Piece is now added to DC as a 10 % drop ( Craked Dungeon in KI ) Weapon change Ticket is now the level 70 one.. Not the same […]

Maintenance 21th of January 2019:

Today is a special day. We lost a lot of players because of the upgrade. I then made new gear really hard to get because:if only fury had players or only light. the new gear would make that faction a lot better.This didn’t help much as we now know :-), That’s why the boxes now […]

Maintenance 14th of January 2019

Xmass is now fully gone. we did have the xmass box still dropping in game, and half price in Website mall running a few more weeks then first planed. This is because of the problems we had. now this is removed. Now we are back to normal for the next week. Today we have a […]

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